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Your Success Is My Business

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Virtual COO

Expert help, a fraction of the cost

Tap into our years of experience managing operations without the expense and commitment of hiring a full time Chief Operating Officer.  Let us sweat the administrative details of running your business while you focus on the product or service that makes your business unique and marketable.  We can manage staff, virtual assistants, contracted services.  We can help you manage and track marketing, promotions, and sales.  We can help you manage and refresh your website and social media.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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Project Management

Keeping you organized to achieve results

Our project management skills plus your big idea equals endless possibility.  If there's one thing we're really good at, it's helping people conceptualize a vision and then execute.  We can take you from an idea, through implementation, and then rollout and success tracking.  Let me keep things organized for you at every step along the way so that we can grow your business together.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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Strategic Planning

Make a roadmap before you start driving

If you know you want to grow but aren't sure where to start, we can help you assess your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; conduct market research to understand the landscape in which you operate; and partner with you to lay out a series of steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  This is important when your goals are bigger than a single project and require concerted effort over years to achieve.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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Customer Relationship Management

Keep track of your customers, and keep them engaged

Let us help you put systems in place to keep track of your customers and manage your interactions with them.  We know how to set you up with a CRM system that will work for you, and we can help you develop a communications plan to keep people engaged.  With automated workflows and, if needed, the help of a virtual assistant, we can ease the burden of marketing and give you the insights you need into what works.  Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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